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Ron Davis asked alarm industry leaders,
"If you had just one really great idea to share with the alarm industry, what would it be?"
Their answers are right here!

Greatest IdeasHere are the greatest ideas that have worked for dozens of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. Ideas about marketing, sales, customer care, accounting, law and many other vital topics that pave the road to success. It's a book by great thinkers, great leaders and, often, great personal friends. The ideas in this book mainly come from the alarm industry but people outside of the industry have said —

"This is a book for all businesses.
The lessons about creative thinking and success orientation are universal."

I honestly believe that if this book had been available years ago, it might have changed the course of the industry. It may still do so — nothing would give me greater pleasure.

Yours for greater success,
Ron Davis

"Greatest Ideas of the alarm industry's greatest thinkers," now available in hardback! Just $40.00. Order below.


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"The Start of the Deal," Ron Davis'
latest book, available now!

This is one the most meaningful books ever written, in any industry, about the art of mergers and acquisitions. THE START OF THE DEALt contains much of what we know and have experienced while representing hundreds of dealers in the sale of their businesses. If you've ever wondered about what goes into a transaction, this book is for you!

This is a must-read for anyone involved in buying or selling alarm companies.

  1. Anyone involved in buying businesses in the security industry
  2. Any business broker
  3. Any accountant with a client who is thinking of selling their business
  4. Any lawyer involved in transactional law
  5. An CFO who may be asked to look into the process
  6. Anyone involved in the due diligience process
  7. Anyone who is curious about how transactions are done
  8. Anyone wanting to know more about the process and the industry

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