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Founded in 1973 by Ron Davis, the Davis Group has consulted with hundreds of alarm companies, manufacturers, distributors, investors and international players looking to understand the dynamics of the American security marketplace. It's estimated that over 70% of the alarm installing companies have been reached by Davis Group through its seminars and audio tapes.

Davis Group's client roster reads like a "Who's Who" of the alarm industry. Included in that group are such prestigious names as Pittway, Honeywell, Ademco Manufacturing, ADI, Smith Alarm, Certified Alarm, Bay Alarm, North Supply, Alert Center, Holmes Protection, Denver Burglar Alarm, API, Sonitrol; as well as thousands of other companies, past and present, large and small, all of whom have benefited from their association with us.

Ron Davis and his associates have extensive industry experience. Davis is the founder, director and first CEO of Security Associates International, Inc., a company with one of the largest dealer bases in the industry. SAI is also one of the largest alarm monitoring companies in the world. Prior to forming SAI, Davis founded and was the first CEO of Security Alliance Corp., the industry's first conversion franchise. It was the model for most of the "dealer programs" popular within the security industry. Today, the Davis Group stands alone at the top of the consulting services sector of the alarm industry.

Through our broad-reaching contacts in and around the security services industry, Davis Group can add legal, financial, operational and executive search capabilities to its core competencies of sales and marketing. In addition, Davis and his associates are knowledgeable and accomplished public speakers, having spoken in front of thousands of dealers, manufacturers and industry executives.

Where did "Graybeards" come from?

The first rule of good "branding" is to get a name that people will recognize, understand and relate to. Davis Group, Inc. has been around the alarm industry for over 40 years, and is an established and accepted brand. How we got the name Graybeards is an interesting story.

From SAI to the Advisory Board

It all began in 2001 when I left my position as Chairman and Founder of Security Associates International, Inc. Going from a company that had almost 1,000 employees, 15 central stations and a shade under one half million customers to being a one man show took a little adjusting. I recognized that one of the most needed services in the alarm industry would be an advisory board program. I figured that we could recruit the services of other retired, semi-retired or semi-active people in the industry to help younger managers and executives better manage their companies. The advisory board program would have provided this service to, what I hoped would be, hundreds of independent alarm companies. I happened to mention this to Steve Doyle, one day, who thought it would be an appropriate program for us to use at CSAA and do it under the CSAA auspices. We all agreed it was a wonderful idea, an industry changing event…and something that everyone who read about it would flock to. We had industry luminaries such as Les Gold, Bill Polk, Alan Pepper, Mitch Reitman, Dorsie Mosher and about a dozen others come on board as being available to participate in some of the advisory board services.

Ron Davis, Dorsie MosherGraybeards is born

We put together a 2 day introductory program that featured 6 of these luminaries in a seminar format, hoping to gain the experience and exposure that would be needed to take it to the next step. We all agreed that it should be done under a different name other than Davis Management & Acquisitions Group and we sat around discussing all sorts of names. I remember one afternoon, talking with Dorsie Mosher, when I threw out the name, kiddingly, of Graybeards, since all of us were beyond the age where we would worry about whether or not we appeared youthful. Dorsie kind of laughed and said, If we're going to go that route, let's make it Graybeardsrus! We both laughed looked at each other, and realized it was a great keeper. Thus the name Graybeardsrus was born. I wish I could tell you that it was as a result of thousands of hours of planning and hiring an outside consulting group (my son, Scott, author of several books on the subject of branding, notwithstanding!).

Identity crisis

We picked several locations to introduce this program, and were excited when the first mailing went out. As with seemingly so many other good ideas in the industry, this one too failed to catch the imagination and interest of the kinds of numbers that we needed to have in order to make a venture like this economically viable. The two seminars were in fact put on, comments from participants were unbelievably good, and unfortunately it just kind of died there. The one thing that wouldn't die was the name Graybeards. Much to everyone's surprise, so many people remembered the Graybeards name, that we decided to use it as part of our brokering business. Thus the two names i.e., Davis Group and Graybeardsrus, and thus our ongoing and seemingly, never ending, identity crisis!

Just a little side note…we've now grown beyond the Graybeards image, and have several people associated with us who are certainly not Graybeards and in fact, two of them are women. Just thought you'd like to know.


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The "Graybeards" from left: Steve Rubin, Katie Bally, Ron Davis, Dorsie Mosher, Bev Davis.

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